About Jane

About Jane

Jane Fulton

I can remember when I first fell in love.  It was a day before a Nor’easter was coming through my hometown and the sky was already looking angry.  We stopped by a farmhouse and went inside and we were surrounded by chaos.  There were six ten week old golden retriever puppies from one litter in one room and a new litter in another room.  The older puppies were “discounted” dogs because they were on the cusp of not being placed by the breeder because they were “too old”.  From this group of discount dogs we were chosen as parents by Boomer, a beautiful light gold boy that was bigger than the rest of the pups.  He was sweet and funny.  We brought him home.

"Boomer was my first dog after twenty five years of having cats."

Our first night with Boomer was an education for a lifetime.  He didn’t want to be left alone, as many cats do, and he wanted to snuggle.  We swore that the puppy wouldn’t go into the bedroom so we built a barricade at the bottom of the steps toward the bedroom so he wouldn’t go up the stairs.  As soon as we went to bed, he weaved his little limber golden body through the barricade and jumped on the bed to say “I’m here!”  I was in love.  The next day when we had to walk him in the midst of a Nor’easter, it didn’t matter because I was Boomer’s Mom.  When he wanted to slide down the piles of snow on his belly, he made me laugh.

Since then, dogs and dog care have been somewhat of an addiction.  Over time we realized we could help more dogs and provide a home for them and we adopted four rescues.  In 2006 we lost Boomer to pancreatic cancer and it broke my heart.  He never showed he was sick and stayed alive until I came home from a long business trip. He greeted me with his typical smile and wagging tail and then he lay down and couldn’t get up.  I still get teary-eyed when I think about it.

"Our dogs are everything to us and we know
many parents feel the same way." 

As we looked around Boston, we couldn’t find the level of care we expected for our dogs at the kennels in the suburbs.  We then realized that there isn’t a kennel in Boston.  Having seen beautiful dog hotel facilities in other cities, we realized that there was an excellent opportunity to provide exceptional dog care in Boston.

Based on my previous life in executive management in another industry, I deeply understand the importance of a talented, motivated team that has the same vision for a business.  I assure you that everyone on the team has the training and medical knowledge to keep your dog (or cat) in the best of care.  If you want a team of talented people who have the credentials in both dog care and veterinary adjunct care that can identify and problem solve in the moment, I encourage you to tour Fenway Bark and meet my talented team.  One person isn’t as important as the collective talent of many to provide the best care for your furry family member.

The Fenway Bark Team is dedicated to premium care for our guests.  Please read our “Game Rules” when you visit Fenway Bark to learn about our culture of caring for our guests, their parents, and each other.

On the Subject of Us

Fenway Bark Stay.Play.Heal is not endorsed by the Boston Red Sox organization or its affiliates.

Hours & Location

370 W First St
South Boston, MA 02127

Tel: 617-464-4DOG
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hours: Daily 24 Hours

Please Note: Fenway Bark is located at the end of the pier. We have plenty of parking.

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