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  • Will my dog be able to pronounce the “R” in “arf” after staying in South Boston for any length of time?

    We make no promises. Ahhf. Ahhf.

  • Can I check on my pet (dog or cat) while I am away?

    Absolutely! But rest assured, your pet will be in the best of hands with our experienced staff . During your pets stay here, we will not only provide them with love and great care, but we will do our best to comfort all pet parents as well; by providing updates and even a picture or two of your pet enjoying their stay here at Fenway Bark!

  • How can I contact management?

    There is always a fully empowered manager on staff during business hours. If you would like to reach the owner, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your phone number and convenient hours to call you and Jane will reach out to you.

  • What type of cleaning products do you use at Fenway Bark?

    We are very conscious about the impact of chemicals and surfactants on the environment. To that end, we choose the best products on the market that have a low impact on the environment and yet fully disinfect the rooms and our common areas. One thing is for sure, the products we use are safe to use around animals.

  • Do you put small and large dogs together?

    Although some facilities choose to put small and large dogs together in the same play room, doing so is actually against the recommendations of the Pet Care Association of America (previously known as the American Boarding and Kennel Association). Most daycare businesses that choose to lump all dogs together are doing so due to the fact that they lack adequate space to segregate dogs into like groups.

    Fenway Bark has 6 play areas for breaking dogs into like groups of play levels without putting all dogs within the size and temperament spectrum together. We have two primary spaces, the main lawn and a smaller lawn called “Little League” for our pint sized guests. These are active play areas for the majority of dogs in our care.

    We have rest spaces, space we can dedicate to our senior guests who want attention but not necessarily at the speed of their younger, active fellow guests, and other flexible space to utilize depending on the mix of dogs we have on any particular day.

  • Do I need to bring my own food if my dog is staying at the hotel?

    We recommend your dog stay on their regular food while in our care. If you feed your dog one of the brands we carry, we can add the purchase of food from our retail stock to your hotel bill.

    If you do not feed your dog one of the brands we carry, we request that you bring an unopened bag of food to Fenway Bark to cover the duration of your pet’s stay, with information about how much, and how often you feed the pet. If you forget to bring food, instead of switching your pet’s food, Fenway Bark will acquire a bag of your dog’s regular food with a surcharge of $30 instead of switching your pet to a new food which could be additionally stressful to your pet while you are away.

  • Do you offer training?

    Absolutely! All of our trainers are fully certified and offer a wide variety of training classes. Please see the schedule of upcoming events on our training page. Additionally, read about the credentials and experience of our training team on our staff page.

  • Do you require dogs to be spayed or neutered?

    Daycare guests must be neutered or spayed. Hotel guests are not required to be spayed or neutered. However, hotel guests who are not spayed or neutered will not be in a playgroup and must have private walks at an additional fee.

  • Will my dog be able to play with toys?

    In our daycare spaces we minimize exposure to toys except (practically) indestructible toys to avoid potential choking or swallowing hazards or toy possessiveness issues. Dogs in our hotel can play with supplied toys in the play areas and can play with their own toys in their rooms when they nap or retire.

  • Do you accept pit bulls at your facility?

    We believe that there isn’t a bad breed, pit bulls included. Therefore, if the pit bull has the proper vaccines, passes the temperament testing, and the parent agrees to have us follow Boston Animal enforcement code while in our care in a dog group setting, we will accept pit bulls into our facility.

  • What will my dog do in your daycare?

    Fenway Bark has been designed to provide a comfortable, year round temperature controlled environment for your dog to have fun with other vetted dogs who want to enjoy the same comfort. Your dog will run, play, interact, sleep, and, with your permission, occasionally have a snack.

  • Why do you have veterinary technicians or trained veterinarians on staff 24 hours a day?

    We have chosen to set the standard in dog care in New England by ensuring that a veterinary technician is on staff 24 hours a day to monitor the health of all of our guests, administer medicine properly, ensuring the highest level of hygiene and sanitation, and finally, ensuring that your dog’s special needs, if there are any, are met.

    We hope that none of our guests become sick or injured while in our care but we know that from time to time it will happen. Most injuries, if any, will be nicks from play wrestling or an occasional scuffle with another dog. Veterinary technicians on staff will be able to address any small abrasions, inform the parent, and inform the pet’s veterinarian of the circumstances and treatment for both transparency and follow through.

    A veterinary technician will be able to stabilize an animal that is sick or injured until a veterinarian can reach Fenway Bark or the animal can be transported to Angell Memorial Hospital.

    Fenway Bark will not endeavor to replace your veterinarian’s medical services or veterinarian’s advice. Fenway Bark wants to be a partner and resource to both you and your veterinarian.

  • Do you offer half day daycare?

    At this time we are not offering ½ day daycare. However, if this is something that is important to you, please discuss it with us. We pride ourselves in our ability to listen to customers. We want your feedback and if it is something we can’t or won’t do, we will explain why.

  • What time can we drop off and pick up our dog(s)?

    Daycare and boarding pick up and drop off hours are 6:30 am to 8:00 pm. Daycare pick-ups after 8:00 pm will be charged the same as an overnight stay.

  • Are the dogs in your facility temperament tested?

    Yes. Your pet will be assessed by one of our professional staff members for the group temperament.

    For the safety of your dog and our other guests, you will be required to complete a profile of your dog’s behavior and this information will be used along with observation to place your dog in the right conditions at Fenway Bark. Full disclosure of your dog’s past behavior is important to ensure the safety and happiness of your pet while staying at Fenway Bark.

    We will not allow intact males or females to participate in any groups events including daycare. Private care options are available for intact males.

  • What vaccinations will be required?

    Required Current Vaccinations:

    • Rabies
    • Distemper/Parvovirus
    • Bordetella (every 6 months)

    Required Health Measures:

    • Tick and Flea Protection
    • Negative Fecal Test (every 6 months)

    Recommended Health Measures:

    • Heartworm Preventative
    • Lyme Vaccine
    • Influenza Vaccine
    • Canine Hepatitis Vaccine
    • Leptospirosis
    • (Please discuss with your veterinarian)

    For more details be sure to read the Park Rules or contact us at 617-464-4(DOG)



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