PoodleLet’s face it: you trudge home through Boston traffic after a rough day at work and arrive at the door to find your best friend(s) waiting eagerly for you, tail wagging at lightning speed.  The message is “You’re home! I love you! It’s time to walk and play!” And as much as you want to tune out for a little while with a favorite tasty beverage of choice, your buddy is counting on you to provide both mental stimulation and exercise for as long as you can muster the energy and endurance to keep up with everything that ball of energy can offer.

Now imagine a different scenario where you and your buddy begin your commute to work together (quality time they call it!) and you make a stop at Fenway Bark. Well, you didn’t have a choice did you?  Your furry child was leading you all the way there because clients that experience Fenway Bark always want to return for play time at the indoor play yard that looks like a baseball park with requisite scoreboard and green walls.

On the Subject of Us

Fenway Bark Stay.Play.Heal is not endorsed by the Boston Red Sox organization or its affiliates.

Hours & Location

370 W First St
South Boston, MA 02127

Tel: 617-464-4DOG
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hours: Daily 24 Hours

Please Note: Fenway Bark is located at the end of the pier. We have plenty of parking.

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