Boarding Accommodations

Boarding Accommodations


Supervised Overnight Boarding:
24/7/365 Days a Year, billed in 24 hr periods
Includes Daycare for Temperament Tested Dogs



Private hotel room with 16 square feet of space, orthopedic or size appropriate bed, daycare, or 2 hours of private exercise.

Dogs 25 lbs or less.

1 Dog: $59/24 hours | 2 Dogs: $94/24 horus


Private hotel room with 18 square feet of space, orthopedic bed, and daycare or 2 hours of private exercise time.

Dogs 50 lbs or less.

1 Dog: $69/24 hours | 2 Dogs: $112/24 hours

Box Seat

Box Seat

Roomy 24 sf bedrooms with orthopedic bed and daycare or 2 hours of private exercise included.

Dogs:  all dogs under 125 lbs.

1 Dog: $79/24 hours | 2 Dogs: $142/24 hours

Luxury Box

Luxury Box

Extra roomy bedrooms with veranda doors facing the indoor park and pool with 48 square feet or more of private space, some with cable television, and private SKYPE services.

Dogs:  all sizes.

1 Dog: $103/24 hours | 2 Dogs: $185/24 hours

Cat Condo

Cat Condos

Feline guests enjoy their own condo with private litter box and feeding area.  Cats are provided with time either alone or as a family of cats in our bigger play room to stretch and romp using our cat tree and toys.  Special services can be ordered for the play time including adding catnip, bonita flakes, tuna treats and more!  Please ask the concierge for more details.

$30 / day


Canine Guest Requirements: Rabies, Bordatella, & Distemper Vaccinations and a negative fecal test (including giardia) within the past year. Behavior Assessment also required.

Feline Guest Requirements: Health requirements include rabies, distemper and if it is an outdoor cat, Feline HIV vaccine and negative fecal test within the past year.

Fenway Bark prides itself on the quality and variety of services it provides. If you are strictly comparing price to make your choice in pet care, Fenway Bark will not be the lowest cost option because we don't have the lowest overhead. Simply put, we hire professionals, provide thorough training in pet care, first aid, rescue, and customer service, and offer quality products to provide you and your pet throughout his or her life with the highest standard of pet care.

On the Subject of Us

Fenway Bark Stay.Play.Heal is not endorsed by the Boston Red Sox organization or its affiliates.

Hours & Location

370 W First St
South Boston, MA 02127

Tel: 617-464-4DOG
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hours: Daily 24 Hours

Please Note: Fenway Bark is located at the end of the pier. We have plenty of parking.

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