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I first became aware of Jane Fulton and the team of Fenway Bark well before they officially opened for business. I used to work in the same building as Fenway Bark and word spread among my peers that something unique and exciting was moving in. At the time we had just rescued a lab named Landon who in addition to being very sick, was an especially finicky eater. Thinking that someone from Fenway Bark would be able to give me some help in finding a food that Landon would happily eat (and get strong with), I walked in without an appointment and met Jane. She was quick to offer her guidance, but more importantly she listened as I filled her in on the details of what Landon had been and was going through. It was clear from that initial interaction that I had just met someone who was as passionate as I was when it came to dogs. In the months that followed, I would visit Jane frequently as Fenway Bark continued to take shape. She would stop what she was doing and let me fill her in on Landon as I shopped for food or a new toy to keep him entertained. As it were, on my last day of working in the area, Landon lost his battle and passed on. I was devastated over losing him but knew we had done everything to make him happy and comfortable in the short time he was part of our life. To this day, my favorite photo of Landon is of him cuddling a stuffed snowman toy that Jane had thought he may enjoy. The void left by losing Landon was unbearable, and my family and I decided to go ahead and rescue another dog. The process of adoption went very quickly, and not even a month later we took custody of a 12 week old golden retriever/collie mix named Tucker Cole. Before his arrival we took a late night trip to Fenway Bark to get all our puppy supplies and filled Jane in on our excitement. It so happened that his adoption was finalized the very same week that one of our closest friends was getting married and we had no one to watch Tucker. Now, you have to understand, still stinging from losing Landon, entrusting anyone to watch Tucker was a very difficult dilemma for us. However, without hesitation we picked up the phone and called Jane at Fenway Bark. The next night was the first of many, many times that we trusted the Fenway Bark team to take care of Tucker for us. I'll never forget standing at the wedding and receiving a text message from Jane with a super happy, smiling Tucker sitting in Jane's lap. In the time since, Fenway Bark has become an essential part of our family. From daycare needs, to grooming, training, to Saturday K-9 Klatch, and random toy shopping, the first place we go is Fenway Bark. Tucker has grown to love Fenway Bark so much, that even while sleeping in the car he will jump up and begin to squeal in excitement as soon as I take the exit off I-93 to get to Fenway Bark. A dog's tail never lies, and there is no better testimony than watching all of Jane's clients arrive every day. There are very few times that I've been to Fenway Bark, that Jane hasn't been there. In fact, more times than not, when we've showed up to Fenway Bark super early Jane was there to greet us and Tucker; It's not that she is an early riser, it's that she never went home and spent the night to make sure all the guests were taken care of. She truly is impressive! As consumers, we have other options available to us in boarding our pets. However, there is a sharp distinction to be made between boarding and caring for. Boarding is having a four walled cage for them to spend the night in; caring for is having a comfortable clean bed and getting a good belly rub before turning in. Boarding is putting some food in a bowl; caring is making sure they ate their dinner and then got a good solid amount of play time on the indoor lawn. Boarding is looking at the pets in your care as revenue makers; Caring is making sure everyone knows your guest's name. Boarding is forcing your customers to pick up their pet at a set time before your staff goes home and you turn off the lights. Caring is having someone there 24 hours a day/7 days a week so you can pick up your puppy at 2am. Caring for is what we as self-declared crazy animal people demand for our pets and caring is what Jane and the entire team at Fenway Bark provides to us. Frankly, in order to succeed in this day and age, you need to have passion for what you provide and that passion needs to be evident to your client base. My every interaction with Jane, from those early days with Landon, to Tucker's first stay at Fenway Bark, to the more recent Halloween Party for clients, Jane's passion and dedication is there for all to see. She loves what she does and we know it and our pets know it. She is so dedicated to the success of Fenway Bark that she has put her entire heart and soul into its success and that is what reminds us all that she and Fenway Bark is the only option for the care of our pets.

Testimonial of Lola B

I have been sending my dog to Fenway Bark daily for the past several months and am thrilled with the experience. I felt compelled to write a review in case anyone is evaluating Fenway Bark as a place to trust with their dog. While it took a few days of daycare for my dog to adjust to her new routine, she now loves going there and pulls me toward the door each morning when I drop her off.

Some of the things that I really love:

* Friendly staff greets us every morning - oftentimes the owners themselves, who are involved in the day-to-day operations. My dog cannot wait to get back to her pack of "friends" in the small dog area (dogs are separated into two different lawns by size and temperament). I feel very comfortable knowing she loves going there every day.

* The dogs have designated down time between 11am-1pm and again from 5-7pm. Each gets their own area with a bed that is cleaned daily. You can choose to have your dog's meals or snacks during these times. In the hot summer months, Fenway Bark even offers special frozen treats during the first break.

* Climate-controlled! I had an experience with another doggy daycare (it has since gone out of business) that was not air conditioned (the reason for pulling my dog out of there!). Fenway Bark stays cool all summer. On mild days, all the garage doors are opened so the dogs can get fresh air all day.

* One-stop-shop. Not only does Fenway Bark offer daycare and boarding services, but they have a full boutique with a great selection of natural foods and treats, so I no longer have to make trips to the store when we are running out of food. In addition, I have taken advantage of their grooming services on several occasions and have been very pleased with the results.

* Cleanliness. The owner took time to give us a full tour of the facility and described the great lengths they go through to keep the place clean, including a high-tech lawn filtration system. This is the first place that I've sent my dog where she comes home smelling clean instead of like other dogs.

* Transparency. Some other daycares do not let you see your dog when they are playing. Not only can everyone see the large dog lawn when they are at the concierge desk, but the couple of times I asked to go back to the small dog lawn, they were great about taking me back to see my dog playing with the others.

* 24/7. Daycare dogs can stay until 8pm at night, which is very convenient when unexpected work emergencies arise and I cannot get there at my usual pickup time. Fenway Bark is very flexible with drop off and pick up times. Dogs can stay past 8pm for an extra  1/2 day charge. This came in handy when my recent flight was delayed and I didn't get to Boston until 9:30pm to pick her up. I don't know what I would have done if I had to rush someplace that was closing.

* Tons of parking. There are some really great doggy daycares in Boston, but many do not have easy parking options. There is PLENTY of free parking at Fenway Bark.

* The owners are also involved with Great Dog Rescue of New England and regularly take in foster dogs to find them forever homes. As someone involved in dog rescue, I love that they use the business to give back to dogs in need. It's great to see their Facebook updates and photos of rescue dogs meeting their new guardians.

Overall, I'd say this is a 5-star facility with a caring and dedicated staff. While it's a bit pricey, it is worth the peace of mind knowing my dog is safe and happy while we're apart. Highly recommended!

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